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Pacific Cruise

Although it might sound crazy to go on a Pacific cruise having the vast ocean as cruise ship's cradle, it is actually one of the more fun and thrilling ideas a traveler could ever come up with.

Unlike any other cruise escapades out in the big waters, a Pacific cruise will take a lot more time and will definitely cost more. Imagine allotting 15 long days and nights for an excursion out in the Pacific where the waters are deep and the waves are as tall as towers and strong enough to punch quite a knock. Of course, ships used in a Pacific cruise are built well enough to stand the smashing waves of the big ocean.

What's in store on the Pacific cruise

The good thing about having a Pacific cruise though is that travelers are given the chance to visit more places as opposed to regular ocean cruises. A typical Pacific cruise for example would be that of the 15 day cruise to the Pacific Islands. This kind of a Pacific cruise involves visits to seven destinations spread out in a time frame of 15 days. Of course it is impossible to have all of these days dedicated to spending time in all of the destinations because the ship is to travel from one destination to the other.

Destination areas of the Pacific cruise

The first area involved in this Pacific cruise is Honolulu wherein passengers are given time to go around to dine or shop. It is to be followed by Hilo where the ship stays for at least 10 hours. Heading for a more distant location, at Papeete, it will take the Pacific cruise ship at least 5 days out at sea before reaching the destination. The next destinations in the Pacific cruise would be that of Moorea, and then Bora Bora. It will take at least three more days before the Pacific cruise ship reaches Bay of Islands, and another day for the final destination which is Auckland.

Booking for your Pacific cruise

Long distance travel do not exactly work for everyone and that is probably why it is important for people to consider a lot of things first before deciding on finally booking for a Pacific cruise. A Pacific cruise is something that people with sea sickness should never ever consider taking for time at sea will surely take its toll on those with weak bodies. Although a typical Pacific cruise ship has infirmary support for all its passengers, sea sickness is one thing that cannot be cured for such instances.

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